The Little Things Play Cafe Sponsorship

The Little Things Play Cafe is an indoor playground  designed for adults and their active toddlers. The café gives parents a place to bring their little  ones for open play in a safe, clean environment, where they can take a break or interact and  spend time with other adults. The café is located in St. Joseph, Michigan, and serves the greater  Southwest MI area by encouraging connections through kids and coffee.  

The play café will have an estimated 10 kids per session during Monday through Friday with an  upwards of 20 kids per session on weekends, that puts weekly numbers at 350 kids per week  before special event and birthday parties. One parent comes with each child, or children, which  will put on-site visitors at approximately 350 kids and 350 adults per week. Most parents will be  ages 20-40, taking into account that grandparents and caregivers of all ages will be joining as  well.  

The Little Things Play Café will also hold special events for the community and be available to  rent for birthday parties, baby showers, family reunions and corporate family-focused events.  Special weekly events include toddler yoga class, family movie nights, weekly art classes, home  school enrichment opportunities, Science Saturdays, and monthly music performances for the  whole family.  

We are currently offering sponsorships for some of our on-site play areas. Each sponsorship  opportunity over $1500 will feature prominent signage with company name and logo.  Sponsorships $1000 and below will feature small signage or plaque at display area or on  equipment if possible. All display sponsors will be on our website under the sponsor page with  links to their site as well and thanked and tagged on social media.  

Why become a play Sponsor?  

… Because your organization understands that family, play, and connection benefit the  community.  

… Show local families and other organizations that your business supports their work-life balance  and you are engaged in their well-being beyond 9-5. 

Play cafe located in St. Joseph, Michigan and serving the Southwest Michigan area. Encouraging connection through kids + coffee.

1332 Hilltop Rd 
Suite I
Saint Joseph, MI 49085