Parties Made Easy

Congrats, friend! You just found the best spot in Southwest Michigan to host your child’s birthday party – YAY!

So here’s the scoop – The Little Things Play Café is one of the most unique children’s party venues around – one that focuses on the children (of course)… but doesn’t forget that adults like to have fun too! Our clean, bright, modern play space and coffee bar provide the perfect vibe for your next event.
And with 3 Party Packages to chose from, there’s something for everyone, and every budget.

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Party Packages


This is the option if you want to bring in all your own party supplies. Whether you’ve got your Pinterest board and theme set or you’re keeping it simple and bringing minimal decor, it’s all up to you!
$ 300
  • Up to 14 children included, $10 extra for each additional up to 20 max
  • Private access to entire space for just you and your guests!
  • Little Things Play Cafe Team member dedicated to your party
  • 30 minutes complimentary time before and after to decorate and set up, tear down and clean with available staff to assist
  • Full access to coffee bar


This is the option if you want the party to be all out decorated, but it’s not your jam to coordinate. You want to show up and be ready to party! Pick from one of our amazing party themes and we set up and clean up everything for you.
$ 500
  • Includes all of the basic party package
  • Choose a theme for your party, sit back, relax, and enjoy the memories!
  • The Little Things Play Cafe staff will decorate the party room and play space accordingly
  • All tableware provided, including dinner plates, cake plates, napkins, and silverware
  • High quality decorations provided including balloon bouquets for party room and play space, 2 banners, cake or cupcake toppers, candles, table runners
  • Special themed party gear for birthday guest
  • Party hat and coordinated Party favor for each guest


This is the perfect choice if you want all the bougie perks listed above but you have a specific theme in mind. You share your vision and Blissfully Boxed brings it to fruition. Any extras you had in mind, no problem!
  • includes all the Bougie details but customized to any theme and any extras that the host has in mind.
  • Blissful party box of your choice
  • Price determined based off scope of work

Play cafe located in St. Joseph, Michigan and serving the Southwest Michigan area. Encouraging connection through kids + coffee.

1332 Hilltop Rd 
Suite I
Saint Joseph, MI 49085