Raising children takes a village… especially one that provides a change of scenery! The Little Things Play Cafe was created to be just that – a space that promotes connection and support in the community, for both children and their caretakers. Other venues cater to one or the other, but we wanted to provide a single space that has both.
Come join our village… We can’t wait to meet you!
  • create an open, family-friendly space that feels clean, safe, and happy
  •  foster creativity with open-ended, Montessori-inspired play areas
  •  provide business hours that are inclusive of all work schedules to ensure access to fun for all families
  • provide a comfortable atmosphere for adults to connect over locally sourced coffee             
  • engage the community to build lasting friendships and support systems
  • promote child development with unique and safe indoor physical activities 

Play cafe located in St. Joseph, Michigan and serving the Southwest Michigan area. Encouraging connection through kids + coffee.

1332 Hilltop Rd 
Suite I
Saint Joseph, MI 49085